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New in MarkStein Publisher

  • Improved text input performance.
  • Individual documents can be activated or deactivated in the book function.
  • When you open a document, all missing fonts are displayed correctly.
  • Improvements in PNG export: The values entered in the export dialog are processed correctly.
  • In the spell checker, you can correct all the matches of a misspelled word in one step.
  • Improvements in the Insert Hyperlink dialog: When setting a hyperlink to a page, you can choose between page number and page number.
  • In manual formatting, a tooltip on the format name indicates which text or paragraph properties have been changed. Manual formatting can be reset to the original format by <Ctrl>-clicking the format name.
  • After inserting a character from the Glyphs palette, text can be entered directly.
  • When posting a blog post in WordPress, linked and concatenated images can now also be uploaded (Professional Edition and Workgroup Edition only).
  • The keyboard shortcut for inserting a suggestion separation has been activated.
  • After image editing, images have the same position in the image frame as before, even if the resolution of the image has changed.
  • After selecting a different paragraph format, text can be entered directly.
  • Checked-in MXT files (articles) are removed from the list of recently used objects (Workgroup Edition only).
  • The word marking by double-click is optionally done with or without the following space.
  • The value change in an input field by arrow keys resets the decimal places and jumps to the next integer value.
  • Fix for PDF export when PNGs are placed on the page.
  • Correction of the activation check error. Activated program starts even if no Internet connection is available.
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