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New in MarkStein Publisher

Modifications and corrections

  • The Assign Image and Remove Image Content functions are now also available in the Image content tool.
  • Importing of XPress Markup Text works as follows: You can import XPress Markup Text encoded with Mac Roman, Windows Latin and Western ISO. XPress Markup Text encoded with UTF-8 and UTF-16 is not supported.
  • Page templates newly created in a library are retained after restarting the program.
  • The properties of page templates can now be edited within a library.
  • When opening documents from tango solo, a rare error in text wrap occurred. This error has been fixed.
  • Minor corrections were made in the Search & Replace dialog.
  • In the Font Properties dialog, the drop-down list Next Style, the input field Switch Style at Character and the option Character in Next Style are now also available.
  • If an attempt is made to open a document from the list of recently used files that no longer exists, an error message is now displayed with the option to remove this document from the list.
  • Minor corrections have been made in the Rule inspector.
  • Minor errors have been fixed in the Tables inspector and in the Cell Properties dialog.
  • In the Image inspector, the option Identical values is now default for horizontal and vertical scaling.
  • MarkStein Publisher can now be closed with CRTL+Q (Windows) or CMD+Q (Mac).
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