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New in MarkStein Publisher

Extensions and corrections

Draw Bezier line tool

When setting points with the Draw Bezier line tool, horizontal, vertical and diagonal (45 degrees) lines can now be created if the Shift key is pressed simultaneously with the mouse click.

Edit Bezier line tool

The Layout panel now displays the coordinates of the selected curve point. The coordinates can be edited in the Layout panel to an accuracy of a thousandth of a millimeter. The coordinates of the corresponding handle points are also displayed in the Layout panel and can also be edited.


In the dialog Access Data WordPress you can now switch between two different APIs. You can choose between the deprecated MetaWeblog API and the modern Rest API. Please note that from the next major release of MarkStein Publisher (spring 2021) the MetaWeblog API will no longer be supported.

Text variables

New text variable “Document name”.

Alignment of text in frame

The error that text alignment was not taken into account in the frame properties has been fixed.

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