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New in MarkStein Publisher

New features and fixes

External Libraries

Libraries can now be located anywhere in the file system (e.g. in Dropbox as a central library for use by multiple users). When creating a new library, you can specify a folder where you want to create the new library. A link is automatically created in the libraries list.
You can simply drag an existing library from the file system to the libraries list. You can choose to link the library or to place a copy in your local libraries folder.

Scale Content

In the Layout Palette and in the Frame Properties Inspector, you will find the new option Scale Content. If you enable this option, then when you resize the frame, the image and text content will be scaled proportionally as well.

Magnetic Frame Edges

When drawing new frames, you will notice that those frame edges that snap to the gutter or to guides are highlighted in color. You can also display frame edges marked in color if they align with other frame edges when you move the frame. To do this, activate the new function View > Magnetic Frame Edges.


  • Fixed an error in the editor that caused marks (e.g. hyperlinks) to move in the text.
  • Manual and help have been updated.


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