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New in MarkStein Publisher

New Features and Bug Fixes


When posting via the WordPress REST API, the uploaded image’s metadata fields are now populated from the image file’s IPTC information:

  • Title
  • Alternative Text
  • Caption
  • Description

Pages Panel

In the Pages panel, a bug was fixed that after setting a page status, this change was not immediately visible in the panel.


The screen display of some EPS files was incorrect. This error is fixed.

When placing PNG files, 72dpi are now used instead of 96dpi.

Sometimes PDF files were output slightly offset. This error is fixed.

The screen display of some Photoshop PSD files was incorrect. This error is fixed.

TIFF files can now have more than one alpha channel.


A starting value up to 1,000 can now be set for the footnote count.


In the Set Hyperlink To URL function, an error was fixed error that the string “[1]” was incorrectly recognized as a URL.


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